Saturday, 11 November 2017

Horoscope 2018: Your Complete Forecast By Bejan Daruwalla, Nastur Daruwalla: Rs 259

2017 is going and 2018 is coming. You must be excited to know what is in the store of GOD for your in 2018

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This is the complete forecast for the year 2018 with weekly forecasts for all signs, important dates for all signs, all-inclusive information about every sign of the zodiac, world horoscope, plus a range of riveting information from the ace astrologer on the way things will shape up in 2018. Find out what India’s most famous astrologer has to say about what the signs foretell in the year ahead

Friday, 10 November 2017

Indian Forest Services 2018 Exam: Books:

Syllabus and recommended books for IFS 2018 - Civil Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

Paper 1 (300 Marks) - General English
Paper II (300 Marks)- General Knowledge

Optional Subject (200 Marks)
Civil Engineering
Paper 1
Paper II

Optional Subject
Mechanical Engineering
Paper 1
Paper II

Interview for Personality Test (300 Marks)

Schedule IFS 2018 Date - (Please confirm from UPSC official website also)
Indian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination 2018 through CS(P) Examination 2018
Date of Notification - 07.02.2018
Last Date for receipt of Applications - 06.03.2018
Exam Date - 03.06.2018 (SUNDAY)
Duration of Exam - 1 DAY
Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination 2018
Exam Date - 02.12.2018 (SUNDAY)   
Duration of Exam - 10 DAYS

Recommended Books