Monday, 25 September 2017

Satya Nadella: Hit Refresh with foreword by Bill Gates:

On every techie's mind, the upcoming book - Hit Refresh by Satya NadellaJill Tracie Nichols, Greg Shaw, Foreword By Bill Gates

Few lines from the book: Source Hindustan Times

I like to think that the C in CEO stands for culture. The CEO is the curator of an organisation’s culture
Free speech, privacy, security, and sovereignty are timeless, non­negotiable values
In his new book, Hit Refresh, the Microsoft CEO talks about how Karl Marx, his Sanskrit scholar mother, and a cricket hero shaped his boyhood. And how free speech, privacy, security, and sovereignty are timeless and non-negotiable values. Here are excerpts on his journey from Hyderabad to Redmond:
Well, my father was a civil servant with Marxist leanings and my mother was a Sanskrit scholar. While there is much I learned from my father, including intellectual curiosity and a love of history, I was always my mother’s son. She cared deeply about my being happy, confident, and living in the moment without regrets. She worked hard both at home and in the college classroom where she taught the ancient language, literature, and philosophy of India. And she created a home full of joy.
As a kid, I couldn’t have cared less about pretty much anything, except for the sport of cricket. One time, my father hung a poster of Karl Marx in my bedroom; in response, my mother hung one of Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of plentitude and contentment. Their contrasting messages were clear: My father wanted intellectual ambition for me, while my mother wanted me to be happy versus being captive to any dogma. My reaction? The only poster I really wanted was one of my cricketing hero, the Hyderabadi great, M L Jaisimha, famous for his boyish good looks and graceful style, on and off the field.

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